At Sakura English Conversation school you'll teach
young adults, housewives, businessmen,
some high school/college students and children
in a relaxed, friendly environment

Because Sakura is a small, privately owned school,
it has a more family-like atmosphere than most English
schools in Japan.
Typical classes have 5 to 6 students, but you may also teach
private or semi-private lessons (1 to 3 students).

working conditions
------------------------------------ ------------------------------------------------ Total
Your workweek consists of 23 teaching hours/week.(Tue. to Sat.) -----------
Contract 1 year. -----------
work schedule will be from 11F50 a.m. to 9 : 00 p.m.
with 70-minutes of break time each dayD
(include lunch time)
Basic salary 250,000 yen/month 250,000 yen
Housing Allowance 30,000 yen/month 280,000 yen
Japanese income tax withheld 6,500 yen /month(At the present) 273,500 yen
Completion bonus 50,000 yen /year ---------

Apartment will be found, key money paid,
and furnished with basic furnishings, including: refrigerator,
microwave, washing machine, futon, kotatsu, air-conditioning (hot/cold).
Apartment rent approximately 65,200 yen + per month plus utilities.

Local transportation to school:  bus or train pass provided

Health Insurance: You will get social Insurance.
("Sakura" will pay half of cost and you will pay another half.)

You will get three times paid vacation(paid holidays ).

Paid vacation plan (They might be changed )

Summer vacation Aug.11th, 2023 to Aug. 17th, 2023
Winterr vacation Dec 29th, 2023 to Jan. 4th, 2024
Spring vacation Apr. 29th, 2024 to May5th, 2024

If you are interested in working at Sakura

Please send us
your essay "Why I want to teach English in Japan",
resume, photo, and recommendation letters
by e-mail or mail.


:Application deadline: Mar. 31, 2023


*Position begins: Jul. 1st. 2023.

Hagiwara Bldg. 39 Tatemachi, Himeji, Hyogo 670-0903 Japan
Sakura English Conversation School
phone: 079 222 1421
fax: 079 284 7979

Feb. 16, 2023